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Year in Music


In 2015, Stink Studio partnered with Spotify to create their annual Year in Music experience. The site turned Spotify's massive collection of user data into a personalized experience for each of its 100 million users worldwide. In addition to displaying unique data, the site also featured global listening insights, as well as stories and highlights from the year. The site was translated into 35 languages and had over 5 million unique visits. I worked with a team of in house developers to create the animation heavy, WebGL-centric site, using tools like pixi.js to create duotone effects and gradients, Backbone.js and Handlebars for shared front end and back end templates, HTML5 audio, and Webpack.

Users can browse insights from around the globe, by country, or login for a completely personalized experience.

As users progressed through the site, colors of the background gradient changed to reflect the current season.

A selection of 2015's culturally impactful stories and events.

About me

I'm a freelance front end developer based in New York, via California and my homestate Colorado. I have a background as a production artist, and I've worked with agencies like Stink Studios, B-Reel, Droga5 and CP+B. I spend the rest of my time illustrating and drawing from my studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Drop me a line if you want to collaborate.