Sidewalk Toronto

Sidewalk Labs

Sidewalk Labs' development plan for a smart city on Toronto's eastern waterfront.

The site was built with a Wordpress CMS, migrating existing content and creating a custom theme for the site. The front end uses a custom Javascript framework and Lottie SVG animations.

  • Agency

    Stink Studios

  • Role

    Front End Developer

  • Date

    July 2019

Hello! I'm a front end developer and visual artist.

I've been working in the design & tech industry since 2009, when someone took a chance and hired me as a digital artist at an advertising agency in Colorado. They noticed my apparent willingness to fix IE6 bugs and moved me to the tech team where I got to call myself an interactive developer while learning how to code from some incredibly smart and encouraging people.

After that, I moved to San Francisco for awhile and worked for a small production company and went camping a lot.

Now I live in New York City where I freelance, draw, make animations, play guitar and fiddle with the knobs on my synths. I also teach interaction design and coding to second year BFA students at Parsons School of Design. Please email me if you'd like to work on something together :)