I Smoke Weed


Though marijuana has been decriminalized in many states, weed usage is still stigmatized in the America, and admitting to smoking weed is likely to invoke cartoonish stoner stereotypes. In conjunction with Viceland's TV campaign, Stink Studios created a platform for users to publicly and proudly proclaim "I smoke weed."

Visitors can tell their story, upload a photo, and share their declaration on Facebook and Twitter.

The site also featured stories from Viceland's TV campaign.

Submissions gallery

Hello! I'm a front end developer and visual artist.

I've been working in the design & tech industry since 2009, when someone took a chance and hired me as a digital artist at an advertising agency in Colorado. They noticed my apparent willingness to fix IE6 bugs and moved me to the tech team where I got to call myself an interactive developer while learning how to code from some incredibly smart and encouraging people.

After that, I moved to San Francisco for awhile and worked for a small production company and went camping a lot.

Now I live in New York City where I freelance, draw, make animations, play guitar and fiddle with the knobs on my synths. I also teach interaction design and coding to second year BFA students at Parsons School of Design. Please email me if you'd like to work on something together :)